White Dog

White Dog who’s real name is currently unknown was abandoned by her parents at the age of six, although the reason is still unknown rumors says that they got threathened and therefore fled whiteout her. White Dog is currently the sniper captain of the Italian clan CC3 – Chioccio Clan 3, the number three mainly stands for the clans bounty ranking and Chioccio means both Harsh and Hoarse.

The clans system mainly functions as a mafias. The clans fight for territory often an old town they claim or whom they chase people out from. When you join a clan it dosen’t matter if you want or don’t want to, it becomes your famiglia and for traitors there had indeed been hell to pay.

The highest ranking was of course boss which was claimed by Gian White dog’s older adoptive kin. He had been the succesor of their adoptive father Roberto who had passed away in a clan clash six years ago.

On the second highest rank it was tied by five career branches.

The first one was brutal force which was lead by Ace. The second branch was snipers AKA gun force which was lead by White dog. The third branch were assasins lead by Daimon. The fourth one was Close combat lead by Ivan. The fifth one was beast masters lead by Aimon. Beast master were the branch where you lead the combat by fighting alongside an animal, mainly wolf or dog.

The third ranked members were proffesional platoon members who had made excellent efforts and got to train the new trainees.

All five career branches had a platoon which were lead by the captains as mentioned above. The platoon members had gone trought training for about two years and after those two years they finally ‘’graduated’’ from being a trainee and were officially let out on the field. These members were the fourth ranked members.

Trainee’s we’re the fifth ranked members, they endured training by proffesional platoon members.

The sixth rank were drug dealers who contacted the clan constantly and updated the members of the bars staus and constantly gave them drugs.

Finally the seventh rank and the lowest one was newly recurited members, they had yet to earn the trust of the famiglia and often served as pawns to the elders. Of course CC3 were different from other clans and cheerished ther life rather than ruining it.

‘’I don’t fight for me or my friends. I fight to survive and ensure that my clan is safe from threats.’’

these words were the last words that left Robertos mouth before he had fallen victim to death.

White dog herself was kind of a pyschophathic, sadistic and childish but somehow still very mature despite her age of 17. Just because she is slightly sadistic dosen’t mean she always tries to take something away from people. Her sadistic side will most likely hit her when she wins a bet or something in that direction? A wonderful example is when she won in rock, paper, scissors and forced her brother to walk on his four legs and neight while she rode on his back as she called him Black thunder.

The sound of swords clashing and the sound of guns fireing could possbily be heard a mile away from the battlefield. The stirring smell of gunpowder hit the young males nostrils as he kept on creating a path infront of him as he left dark crimson stains onto his white dresshirt.

-‘’It’s been such a long time Roberto, glad to see your doin’ well’’ Carefully the young man spun around only to be greeted by his old friend. ‘’You gotta stop smoke whatever that is, or you will drop-dead at sunrise. Ya old geezer.’’ The younger male responded as he placed his palm against his sword while placing pressure on it.

The older male immediately following the younger ones gesture placed himself into a stance to get ready. He knew very well the youngling had better close combat skills than himself, being the unlucky bastard he is, he lost his gun whilst fighting the underlings. The two bosses intensely stared at the other as they pushed back their knee-joints and dashed towards the other one.

Barely after taking two steps something pushed trought their scalps with an undescrible force and pierced itself out right on the other side.

As the precious voices of the two mens famiglia slowly started to fade they realised they were about to take their last breaths. Sincerely Roberto apologized to the members who gathered around him. -’’Save your breath and tears after you have won’’. Then it become a total blackout.

Chapter 1 – Six ó clock

The calm sound of a humming tune filled the air of the narrow streets as the womans worn out sneakers softly tapped against the cobble stone path she walked on, as the shallow and dim lights shone down onto her dirty and tangeled silver pigmented hair that was covered up with a bandana.

The cool wind carefully blew against the young womans neck which sent her shivers down her spinal cords despite that she still continued down the path.

The young woman stopped infront of a dark and old wooden door which sturcture was built up with old metall, carefully she gripped the doorknob and gently pushed the door open. Immediately the stirring smell of alchohol hit her nostrils as she let a scowl hit her petite face.

The empty pub were old, but was still in buisness and surprisingly enough it was crowded pretty much everyday. The wooden floor was old and cracked beneath the womans shoes as she paced towards an old wooden wacket which led behind the bar. Scowling the woman walked towards the clean sink which had dirty glasses and plates balanced on eacother.

Slowly but surely a tiny smirk crept upon her lips as she moved her hand towards one of the plates she lifted it above her head. As she was about to drop it something took a strong grip around her wrist, ‘’White dog, may i perhaps ask what you are doing?’’

The young female immediately recgonized her elder brother’s voice behind her, -‘’Nothing.., nothing at all Gian’’ was all the female responded before she put the plate down again. -‘’Alright then..’’ Gian responded before he pushed the old door aside and stepped into the room behind the bar as he gently closed the door.

-‘’Tch..’’ White dog carefully stepped away from the dirty plates and walked towards an old ladder. The ladders rope’s were braided and cream coloured while the wood was dark and a little worn out.

Softly she placed her sweaty palm against the wooden fabric and slowly climbed up the ladder as she heard the old door getting opened and shortly afterwards slammed shut again, quickly she let loose of her grip and slided down the ladder, as she glanced towards the door.

Softly she placed her head against a thick pillar and peered towards the door as she catched the mascular figure of hers older kins back. It was one of the platoon members leaving a raport. Quickly White Dog laid her bodice flat onto the floor as she crawled towards the two men, immediately she recgonised that the males were having a heated conversation in her own mother language italian.

She was able to sort out the words carcere, scoppiare, capisce and the sentance, hanno bloccato tranquillamente nella cella e gettato via la chiave. (Translate: jail, break out, understood? and they probably locked them into a cell and threw away the key.)

-‘’Gian, Daimon waddup?’’ she suddenly asked after sneaking up on her two brothers as she not so graciously, more comically and mockingly strode over to the two males. ‘’Aimon and five of his men got locked up in the capital and will soon get executed is whats happening, cuz’ someone, not pointing anyone out here..But it was defenietely one hundered percent Daimon’s fault, that they got exposed.’’

Quickly Daimon placed the palm of his right hand onto his left side of his chest while putting up a fake hurt face and pout as he looking slightly shocked and offended while he offered a stare at Gian. -‘’Ouch. That hurt ya’know?’’

Looking slightly amused Gian responded with a scoff and responded with his sentance -’’That’s the point.’’ Now White Dog were silently snickering in the background as her kins started throwing ridicoulous.oh.what.not.so.good arguments at eachother.

Suddenly she could hear the sound of two fists slamming onto the brothers scalps carefully she glanced up and noticed that Saffy AKA Sapphire, Gian’s fíance had hit the two onto their scalps. -‘’Ya’know, it’s hard to sleep when two douchebags keep on arguing back and forth while throwing pitiful insults at eacother.’’ The woman kept on scolding the two like it was naturally, which it actually kind of was, while the two of them sulked right infront of her.

-‘’Anyways’’ the woman started again. ‘’We will have to send forces to the jail to bust out our precious little treasure Aimon and his men, and we need to delivery the news quickly.’’ she finished the sentance and awaited for the three others to procceed what she just had told them. When she realised that only White Dog had been able to hear what she said she dropkicked the two away -’’You damn morons!’’ she yelled at them and turned her piercing glare right towards the frightened dog who gripped onto a plate for her dear life. ‘’White Dog, put on the signals and demand the platoons asap to gather for a meeting at Utopia this night.’’ The woman finished the sentance and flinched as the younger teenager suddenly yelled out -’’Yes ma’m!’’

The loud boom of the platoon members voices reached the walls and were sent right back at them which created echoes while they talked. Many of them, no every member practically toasted with whoever they found beside them.

White Dog immediately recgonised the veterans and the freshmen as the smell of alochole once again stirred her nostrils. Slightly shocked she spun around when she felt her left shoulder gaining more weight and getting heaver, only to be faced with no one else than her four amigos Gian, Ivan, Ace and Daimon.

Letting a scowl hit her face once again she smacked the four in their frontal bones as she scolded the four for scaring her, getting slightly pissed off at how they argued about it was all in the past when it happened a few seconds ago.

-’’Tch’’ she flinched before opening her tiny lips as she let her sharp tounge once again work and thorw a insult at the four‘’You damn’ dorks, don’tcha know ya shouldn’t scare people like that. Now apologize to the mighty queen White Dog or she shall despise you for all eternity. Do you really wan’t that kind of thing to happend?’’ she scoffed while pouting at the four who slightly looked beat to a pulp.

‘’Sorry you damn ol-’’ they were all stopped on their track since the lovely queen knew where that sentance were headed. Annoyned she grabbed Gian and Daimon’s scalps as she put a huge ammount of pressure into her palms and slammed their scalps onto the other ones.

The two remaing lucky ones who had slipped away now stood snickering in the background but immediately started to sulk when the excactly same thing happened to them and they lied on the floor totally blacked out.

‘’Eh, nice move there. White Dog.’’ Sapphire commented the girl and gave her a light pat on the spinal cords while smiling widely feeling proud after what her performer pupil had done. ‘’Learned from the best’’ she replied and slowly lifted her hand as she collided it with Sapphire’s fist.

Suddenly the whole room went all completely silent as the five of six most powerful members strayed down the white spiral staircase. The location they were in was Utopia, a grand famous casino. The members were currently using the VIP room for their meeting as the entrance was blocked with two guards connected to the clan.

The room was gigantic with the theme red and white. The floor was dyed white with red and white wallks with big red curtains covering the wooden frames of the windows as a red carpet leaped along the floor with an large mahogny table in the middle of the room with matching chairs.

Further away and deeper into the room there were two spiral staircases which had an raised platform between them. On the raised platform there were a smaller table with seven chairs and for the moment only six of them were to be used.

Slowly but surely the members sat down onto the chairs in the room whilst the six highest ranked members sat down onto their assigned chairs on the raised platform. When the members voices had died out the middle-aged woman cleared her soar troath to silence the members whispering.

-‘’As you all may know, our precious brother Aimon have been captured by the governement and all of sudden i have gotten quite a few interesting reports from our younglings.’’ The woman finished her sentance and threw a glance towards the teenager beside her as she gave her a discreet nod to continue.

Carefully White Dog gulped and opened the leather decorated journal infront of her as she pronounced the letters. -’’Nr. 103 reporting. Code red. The governement have been on our tracks for atleast a month now, soon we will arrive at the narrow city Ophelia. Anyhow, there have been very strange activites coming from the governement’s side, apparently they have taken advantage and ambushed different clans across the country when they have clashed. ‘’

White Dog stared at the report as she got lost in tought, after a few seconds passed she felt her shoulder getting carefully hit by Sapphire’s scapular and decided to continue.

-’’Apparently many captains of different clans have been captured by the governement’s underlings and locked into cells, despite their incredible high bounty..no prize money have been awarded nor have they been executed. A few days ago the governement captured Sona from the Nigella clan, since that woman was the clans boss the members are creating a massive turmoil in the capital city.

-Nr. 103’’

The woman finished the last sentance and looked up from the journal only to be greeted with complete silence as a tension rose in the air. Slightly troubled about what she just had read she glanced towards her older kins who seemed lost in thought. As White Dog decided to put on a brave front she pushed her chair backwards with her knee-joint and slammed one of her palms onto the table trying to catch the members attention.

-‘’Before we start panicking we need to calm our idiotic heads down and figure out how to bust out our captain who were abducted by those greedy bastards aka the governement.’’

Noticing that she had catched the members attention anexiously she closed the journal and threw a wondering glance at her one of a kind boss.

Returning his younger sisters gesture he clicked his beige pigmented path in disapproval as he turned towards the massive crowd with a slight scowl hitting the males handsome features.

-’’We will have to send volounteers down to the capital city only to be caught by the governement and then find our kins. While the volounteers are there they might as well sneak around and find some clues about the obnoxious ambushes performed by our dear friends from the governement.

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