That day, that could have been my favorite day

Many people would say that the day their son was born is their favorite day of their life, well im going to tell you about that day, from my perspective.

They day that we had wait for about nine months,finally arrived. Me and my wife Clara, drove to the hospital,Mercy west in Seattle, to deliver the baby boy James.I was driving and Clara started bladering about the joy of being a mom so much that she distracted me, I didnt see the truck comming towards, but Clara did. She leaned over to reach the steering-wheal but it was to late. The truck smashed into the car with such a power that she was pressed betwen the wheel and me.

The next thing I remember was that i was in a hospital and i heard someone mumbled
-His wife didn’t make it..poor thing..
-And the baby? said an other voice.
-The baby is in a respirator on floor 3.
I quickly woke up of my dreams and screamed JAMES, JAMES! WHERE ARE YOU! I didn’t no what to do so I run to the stairs, I know the elevator would go to slow, I had only got to the first stair when I felt dizzy, after all I had been in a car crash, so that wasn’t so strange.
A nurse was walking towards me, and she didn’t look particular happy.
-Mister Thomas how could you run away like that? Are you five years old?”
-Eh.. no I am sorry,huh whats your name?
-My name is April, come on now Mr Thomas, lets get you some rest.
I suddenly remember why I was doing her on the floor.
-No! I have to see my son,James!
-Yes you can see him,after i have done a few tests.
How can she say that to a recently widower?! I mean, don’t this girl have no feelings at all? But I do, I felt everything, Clara is gone and my baby is in a respirator. How do people go through with this? I know the answer on that question, they don’t.

10 years later.

Our life today is relatively good, James go in a special school, because he got brain damage in the car accident. I work in a bank and it is really boring. I had gone to therapy the first 5 years after the accident, it’s was expansive, but it was worth it and we get money from the insurance companies, so we are making it quiet good. So i guess people go trough with this kind of things, i know, i did.

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