Beelzebubs Power

Power have always been something that mankind have reached for but rarely gotten. Those who get it do not know how to use it when needed, those who are in need of power find that when achieved, already have more than needed. Those with selfish thoughts would if found, abuse it for their own fame and glory.
But then we have those who neither need it or want it, those people are who mankind call heroes, saints and who bring hope back to mankind when there is none to be found. These people who can be found in every corner of this world, are as everyone else, normal.
Now I would not say that I have any special powers or that I can do things others cannot. But whenever there is a problem that mankind cannot solve they ask their god for help, asking them for advise on how to solve problems and even ask if their god could do it in their place. Being who I am I don’t interfere with the problems that mankind get into, even though I don’t want to see them helpless I still do not solve their problems with a snap of my fingers, as it is, I do not solve their problems at all.
As mankind make the problem exist they must themselves solve the problem, that is the way of knowledge and creativity that is what mankind have been given for their own sake.
But who am I and why can I not help them with their problems that they have? The answer is but as simple as a solution to why mankind have their problems. I am the spirit of mankind and the one that brings courage to those who want it. I am the one that separate the strong from the weak, the brave from the cowardly and that give mankind hope in each other only to find that it is in vain.
My name is many as I am known to all, I am the ruler of demons, the power of darkness, I am lawless and the father of lies. I am the antichrist. I am the beast and ruler of the underworld.
I am the one that will have your soul when you die.
I am to be your master.
I am your god.
I am Beelzebub.

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