Skaters’ death

In the winter of 2011 Harry Lundstam, a man at the age of 37 who lived in Skärhamn on Tjörn, was about to go to work a Tuesday morning. His working place was situated in Kyrkesund, not far from Skärhamn. This morning he was late for work, he did not have time to eat a normal breakfast so he squeezed down some tomato sandwiches. This week his wife, who was pregnant with their first child, was in Luleå on a special project which he did not know much about. But she had the car, so Harry was forced to use the public traffic to get to work. At eight o’clock he was running in high speed towards the nearest bus station and he was really in a hurry. He came to the bus station, he was not late, and according to the timetable the bus should be at the station at this time. After ten minutes of waiting he was frustrated because of the bus´ lack of presence. There was snow all over the roads. He thought the bus could have problems due to the snow.
He then decided to go ice-skating over the sea to get to work. He went home and picked up his long-distance skates. Just a few days ago when he read the newspaper, he saw that already three ice-skaters from Tjörn had disappeared this winter, all of them were last seen ice-skating around the water just outside the south of Tjörn, they had probably drowned. Even though all professionals made clear all the ice around Tjörn was safe. The fact worried him but he had no choice and he knew he was a good ice-skater. He thought it could take about twenty minutes to skate over the ice to Kyrkesund. He was an experienced ice-skater and he really enjoyed the feeling of speed and freedom as he was skating over the ice, the ice was strong and thick. The wind was blowing strongly and it was a cold but beautiful and shiny day. When he was in the middle between the island of Tjörn and the island of Härön the ice suddenly started to be softer. Last weekend, he had been skating at the same place without any problems, so this soft ice came as a surprise to him and he had not brought his equipment. The ice was broken and he fell down into the cold water.
He knew he have to be calm, he had no ice prods so he needed help from somebody. He tried to scream loudly but he had problems with screaming loudly. He saw an old red house far out on a cape on the island of Tjörn, he felt relief when he saw the door slowly open. Out from the door came someone who was hard to identify, probably he had heard someone screaming for help. The man walked slowly towards the hole in the ice and he helped Harry up with elongated arm using a rope. When Harry came up from the hole he noted that the ice around the hole was warm and very soft, as if someone had sprayed hot water on it. He thanked the mystic man who offered Harry to come into his little red house to get warm clothes and something hot to drink.
Harry went into the house, after changing clothes he started to feel better and he sat on a chair at the table and he was waiting for the man, who presented himself as “Robert”, to come out from the kitchen with a cup of tea which Harry was promised. Robert seemed to be about 55 years old. The living room, where the main table was, was in old fashion style. Harry felt a horrible smell, but he didn’t know where the smell came from. Harry knew he would be late for work, he had to drink the tea fast and then leave. Soon Robert came out from the kitchen, took a seat and served Harry the tea. He also asked him to divide something to eat but Harry declined, he thought he didn’t have time. While Harry was drinking tea he had a conversation with Robert. Robert explained that he was using glasses because of eye problems, he was not totally blind. He did not seem to be shy, he talked very much. Suddenly Harry started to feel very tired; Robert was still talking as if he hadn’t noticed anything. Harry struggled to be awake but soon fell into sleep in his chair.
About an hour later, Harry woke up lying on the floor in a small room without any furniture in the same house. He woke up because of a drop of water which hit him, it seemed as if he had slept pretty heavily. He realized that Robert had put some kind of hypnotics in the tea. There were things hanging on the wall, he saw that the things on the wall were dead animals, rabbits and stuff like that, but he also saw two dead human bodies hanging on the wall. This really startled him, and he recognized the dead humans, both of them were from Tjörn. They were reported missing and were last seen on the ice. Harry tried to move but couldn’t, there were ropes around him holding him back. He was extremely scared. He felt that gas was coming in to the room from a hose, probably deadly gas. He was very afraid to die when he used all his power trying to get free from the ropes. He succeeded and he stood up staring at the only door in the little room. He knew he had to leave the room because of the gas, but he wondered if it was safe to just force the door.
Harry opened the door and now he was back in the living room, he was tired and was feeling ill due to the gas. It was hard to see clearly even in the living room because of the gas which came in from the other room. He almost fell down to the floor, but then he saw Robert´s figure. Robert was holding a hatchet, ready to kill. Robert tried to hit Harry with the hatchet but Harry slided away. Harry grabbed a glass sculpture and was desperate when he threw at Robert who was hit in the face by the sculpture and fell down to the floor. Harry looked at the door but it was locked. There was only one window that he could break. To come to that window he had to pass Robert who was lying on the floor. Harry ran towards the window without thinking much of his deed. Robert raised and pushed Harry one meter, in to the little room with the gas hose. Robert was outside and was pushing the door so Harry couldn’t come out.
Harry knew this could lead to his death; he tried to force the door but couldn’t. He was starting to feel ill because of the gas. But when he saw a needle on the floor he came up with an idea. He took the needle and used it to cut the gas hose. He soon succeeded but then a fire started. The fire was growing bigger. Probably, Robert had realized that there was a fire. Robert ran away and left the door between the gas room and the living room unlocked. Harry forced the door and came out into the living room. He jumped out from a window and into the garden. The house was burning more and more and he couldn’t see Robert anywhere. Harry realized that Robert probably was stuck somewhere in the house. Harry didn’t know what to do and now he saw the house blow up in a big explosion. This was the death of Robert.
Harry was totally shocked. He stood alone in the garden, and stared at the blasted house. When he picked up his mobile from the pocket to call the police, he saw that he had ten text messages from the boss and colleagues at work, they wondered why he was six hours late for work. What should he answer?

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    I love the story, it was amazing! 😀

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